We all have, at some time, felt the need to hire a tow truck. Whether it was a fender bender, a missing spare, or just a flat tire, tow trucks have helped us many times by safely transporting our cars, buses, etc., to the nearest garage or repair point. However, not everyone understands that a tow truck service in Canada offers much more in terms of services than a mere pickup and drop at the garage in case your car is disabled. From roadside repair to flatbed towing, the nearest towing service provider provides a wide range of services that you can leverage. A tow truck company is only thought about when you need one, really. That is fine by Canada Towing LTD. We serve the whole of BC, Canada, with the best towing services. We do a whole lot more, giving you more of a reason to think about us for more than just your next service. Below, we will review some of our amazing services, including towing services. If you live anywhere in BC, Canada, give us a call today!
When you hear the words “towing company”, ideally the first thought that will pop in your mind is a full service experience. But for most of us, we just imagine a car on the back of a tow truck. If it was not your car, then you will probably have an image of a car being towed in your mind. So, what does a towing company actually offer? Your answer will most likely be “towing” and nothing else. However, towing companies have more services to offer besides towing. Apart from towing services, Canada Towing LTD has some other services, like emergency repairs, car transport services and many more.
Canada Towing LTD has been offering some of the best towing services on Long Island for the past 20 years. There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck on the side of the road with a dead car. But do not panic! We have you covered!
Our services include light and medium-duty towing solutions to meet the needs of a variety of customers. We also provide roadside assistance, local and long-distance transport to just about any location in and around BC, Canada. We are happy to provide a variety of towing, roadside assistance, and transport services in and around BC, Canada.
• We have high mobility tow trucks to offer services for breakdown vehicles that are in bad condition and cannot be driven. Whether the vehicle has fallen in the water, stuck in a valley, our cranes can reach out to move the vehicle. Our services are offered by experienced staff with full security measures at reasonable prices.
• In case, if any vehicle meets an accident or stuck in any terrain, our Vehicle Extraction Services are offered instantly.
• We are capable of extracting all types of heavy or light commercial vehicles. Our team takes elaborate security measures and makes sure that there is no harm done to the vehicle during the process.
• We also offer a car towing service for the non-damaged vehicle to transport it from a breakdown location/shifting place to place without any damages and with high responsibilities and guarantees.
• An accident vehicle needs to be moved quickly out of the accident area to avoid further damage to the life of victims and the vehicle. We are quick at offering our services and are just a phone call away in case of any mishap. Our team ensures that no further damage is caused to the tow vehicle and is safely sent to the destination.

Apart from these, there are a few more significant services that we offer. Let us take you through them briefly:

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