Hauling Equipment

Hauling Equipement in Burnaby, Vancouver, or Richmond.

Sometimes, a job requires equipment to be transported from one place to another. Equipment transport towing requires some serious tools, especially because heavy machinery components can weigh more than 20 tons! Considering the massive size of construction equipment, building materials, and industrial machinery, you need a team that has the experience and the tools to haul your oversized load to its next stop. If you are searching for a company to provide equipment transport services, then here are some of the things you should keep in mind and look for. Also, here are some abilities of Canada Towing LTD, which marks our outstanding services in haul equipements.

Experience: When you choose an equipment transport company make sure that you are hiring industry professionals who previously transported hundreds of shipments of heavy equipment that have the proper skills and training to get your equipment where it needs to be. Weight capacity: Our fleet includes some of the most advanced flatbeds and tow trucks in the industry that can withstand maximum weight capacities that could be in excess of 45,000 pounds. Long distance travelling: If you need to move equipment long distances or even across state lines, we are probably the perfect towing company for you, with professional drivers and transport equipments that can safely get your vehicle from one place to another in pristine condition as desired by you.
Safety: We are a team of professionals with a track record that reflects a commitment to quality, safety, and prompt service. However large a load of equipment might be, you can expect that the equipment will arrive in the same condition.

We are also well experienced in a wide variety of transport options like mini a bobcat and mini-excavator and are experienced, professional, and courteous at the same time.

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